Monday, September 26, 2011


The Lynch movie

This is one of the more complete almost finished edits of the experimental film that I worked on with Ravi Popat.(We plan to have original scores composed for this some time in the way too distant future).I worked on this as an assistant director(which is another way of saying I co-conceived,co-wrote,co-edited,co-art directed,co-produced and co-directed the film with Popat).

Synopsis:It tells the tale of a psychologically disturbed girl and how an ad on a newspaper suddenly changes her routine.Thats a really sad way to put the premise of this story but it is a very subjective interpretation that we seek from the audience and I cant really say much about the film without giving anything away.So please watch it and share your views,comments and constructive criticism.

Trivia:Shot in two days on a back breaking schedule this was a welcome change from the 3D software course that I was attending.A place where all that experience from attending Somnath Sen's workshop on film making and creating 'The Other Face'was put to test.Collaborating with Popat was a real learning experience indeed.

More Trivia:The movie name is a tribute to the brilliant filmmaker David Lynch(Eraserhead,Elephant Man) and is also more aptly an allusion to the act of 'lynching',to kill someone believed guilty without a trial.

Hm..Makes you wonder how long an actual collaborative animation film of the same length would take to get produced.

March 2011.

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Nikhita said...

Love the concept, and I loved the compositions.. Nicely planned pans.. :)