Friday, September 23, 2011

Live Action Film Debut -The Other Face

The Other Face

A film about a man and his obsession for a rubik's cube.The cube is symbolic of an obsession that slowly grows on a man and eventually reaches ominous levels,even dictating his actions.

The film was shot in a period of ten days (from ideation to screening).It was a competition entry in the 2011 Still in Motion Short Film Contest.The audio track was one of four given to the contestants to interpret as a film.It was to be used as it is without any editing and had to be below 5mins in length.

The film won the first prize and audience choice award at the 'Still in Motion' short film competition held at MIT Institute of Design on the 2nd of February 2011.

Film name : The Other Face
Created by : Alok.N.R, Saurabh Garge , Nilay Bhandari

Feb 2011.

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