Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A simply pendulous sea weed travelling in a line

Class room assignments in first sem of Animation Design at MIT Institute of Design.

Simple Pendulum

Movement of a Simple Pendulum.Principle of Ease-in and Ease-out.
April 2010.


Movement of a Seaweed demonstrating the wave principle.
Class room assignment.
April 2010.

Travelling Line

Movement of a Travelling Line demonstrating the Principle of Wave motion and the concept of Follow through.
April 2010.

Most of these videos look blurry and are a bit low res.This is because back then i was still figuring out about file formats and video exporting and how to use softwares like Adobe Premiere and After Effects (something that I am still figuring out. I aint gonna change any of them.I want it to remain so just as a reminder of all the hell I went through during those days.

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