Friday, November 18, 2011

The dance of the free spirit

Sunshine's Dance

A Stop motion dance sequence I did last week (completed in 2 days).

Process:I made the armature in a couple of hours.Then a bunch of us jammed together creating music out of junk (no instruments at all). I set a base tribal beat going and the others added in with their own junk instruments and spiced up the track.The 1 min track was cut down to 15sec incorporating the better elements of the takes.I then story boarded and made an animatic of a tribal dance for the 15 sec track which I then went ahead and animated in a day. I know it plays out a bit too fast , guess I'll take more time and care with the dope sheet next time.

The truly eye opening part of this exercise was when PJ coaxed us into making our own music for this clip.As dumb as a dodo as I am towards any sort of music sensitivity,little did I expect myself to generate music at all forget leading a jamming session.But as is the case with most things when PJ is around - it happened. Now my friends and I try to make it a point to jam every once in a while with all that junk we've collected.

"Each of us has been put on earth with the ability to do
something well. We cheat ourselves and the world if we don't
use that ability as best we can."
-- Gracie Allen

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