Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thinking of the 3rd Dimension - part 3

Here are some of the animation exercises done in Maya,(a continuation of the last post). 'An animation critic's desert',I would say.There are way too many issues with all of the videos in this post, but then again,the stuff I learnt and overcame are of far greater importance.3D animation is,by no measure of reasoning,an easy thing to master.So here goes.

Walk Cycle

Walk Cycle from Alok N R on Vimeo.

Run Cycle

Run Cycle from Alok N R on Vimeo.

Weight Lift

Weight Lift from Alok N R on Vimeo.

(Click to go to my vimeo profile where I share the stories (often painful ones) behind the making of these small clips)

Process:When doing character animation ,I first take a reference video,preferably from the front and the side of the actual action (usually enacted by myself). Then I sketch out the Key poses onto paper,to capture the gesture right with the required exaggeration .I make a storyboard,where I stage the action and decide the camera angle.The camera position is the first thing I set in the scene on the software. After this I proceed to block these key poses in Maya and then finally connect the keys with the in-between poses.

That sounds all great on paper but actually executing all that is a gargantuan pain.Sticking to the process helps,and if nothing else ,that is one thing that the past one year has taught me.To religiously stick to the process.To have faith in it.The quality of your outcome can always improve provided you know how to get there.


So how do I find it, looking back at a year of nothing but 3D-maya-software learning,after making it through the ordeal ? Am I thankful to the visionary HOD for his 'foresight'ful decision to cram the curriculum with all the haphazard 3D assignments?
Nope.Not one bit.I'd rather have made my own movies in that time.

Artists should be able to chose the path they want.And follow them with conviction. And that is how things OUGHT to be,no matter how much the world compels you to earn your bread and butter first and then think about your passion.
An artist is forever, a free man.

Well, comments,suggestions and tips are always welcome ,so feel free to drop em by.
End of part 3.And until next time.Peace.

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