Monday, December 19, 2011

Thinking of the 3rd Dimension - part 1

Your normal everyday animation-ignorant-man walks up to me one day.
and asks : "So you are doing animation eh?". I nod.

"Its a booming industry I hear!with so many animation schools all over.So what soft wares do you use?".

In a fleeting moment my mind raced through all the points I normally cover while I convince a normal human being about the vastness and scope of animation as a story telling art form,with a special 15 min chapter dedicated just to emphasize the importance of sketching.Then I stopped myself.

"Maya",I replied.

...regardless of what the common man would talk about from that point on,my mind would have already drifted.Wandering,wondering,pondering over the ironic truth in what I had just said.

Autodesk Maya 2011,to be precise,is the 3D software that I have been learning to use for the better part of the last one year.I refrain from saying learning to animate because I am simultaneously attempting to learn Modelling,Texturing,Rigging,Skinning and Lighting in addition to this. (A task so mammoth that even a wooly mammoth would go like, "WHAT THE F#*!".But I digress). Not to mention learning how to cope with the many million issues that this software gives. My college had condemned me to two semesters of compulsory Maya education,which for a pencil loving 2d maniac like me was like a life sentence in Auschwitz.

Anyway here is some stuff from Sem 6 (Jan - March 2011)

Building No:1

Modelling and Texturing of a Decapitated Head

I modeled a Human head based on a live reference.Figured a great deal about texturing and modelling.There are few things more complex than the human head.Learnt that lesson once again.

Human Body Modelling

(Click to see enlarged images.)

My attempt at modelling a real life reference of a human body.Despite its freaky appearance here,barring the abs ,I think it was a fairly decent attempt.Most of these images are all that remains of many months of labour that went into these works.If only I had a better understanding of how to render out good hi res images out of Maya back then..Well, we never ever manage to learn the right things at the right time,do we ?

Anyways,Part 1 ends here.


wow! the sky is blue. said...

hahahaha!!!!human body modelling..!!!

-Alok- said...

I know,funny right? you should have seen it in low poly. It was frigging hilarious. He looked like the 'THING' from fantastic four!

wow! the sky is blue. said...
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wow! the sky is blue. said...

funny it looks! cause it lacks some study.. i too lacked and lacks still. may be if our study of anatomy was strong enough.. things won't look wrong there..if time devoted there was right along with correct understanding..try another one if you have got a little time, you will come up with something Nice!!

Nikhita said...

lol!!!! Poor poor binge. I couldn't agree more. this is adultry!! Pure torture!

-Alok- said...
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