Monday, February 13, 2012

An Ode to Solace - A Short Film

An Ode to Solace. from Ravi Popat on Vimeo.

In the wake of apocalypse,two friends sit down to have one last conversation.


So here it is finally.The zombie film that I made with my friend Ravi.Those flesh wound pics that I have been teasing you all with over the past couple of weeks was just an elaborate gimmick to lead you up to this moment.

What would happen if one day,your best friend walks in bleeding after being bitten by a zombie? Thats where it all started.An Ode to Solace was conceived,shot and put together all in about two week's time.Since we had trouble finding actors to play the roles,we decided to play them ourselves.Ravi plays the infected guy and I play his friend. In this humble first venture into acting we even kept the character names the same for the sake of performance ;). The camera was handled by the ever versatile Akhil Khandeparkar. Also a big thanks to Poulomi Mehta who helped me create those wonderful 'Decaying Flesh/Zombie Bite Wound' make-up (using everything from toilet paper and watercolors to lipstick and eyeliner). And a huge credit we missed out by mistake on the film - Arvind Singh Jeena as the voice on the Radio .(will be fixing this soon).

Do let us in on your feedback on the film.All comments,suggestions and criticism are welcome.


Nikhita said...

Crazy. Glad you finally uploaded it!! Beautifully shot, and for first time actors, you guys were AMAZING. Also love the lighting and the script. :)

-Alok- said...

Thanks Nix.Fixing the audio took more time than we expected.Crashing comps and unfaithful softwares just made things worse.

Ajith Balakrishnan said...

Good script and the camera work was excellent. A good one for a first short film.

The theme was too grave to portray with the resources you have and that stood out as an oddity.

Alok N R said...

Hey thanks Ajith.Actually this is my third short film.just that we got our hands on some really good equipment this time :). But ya,we were a bit short on some stuff,and the script did require some incredible actors,which we couldn't really find/afford.Thanks again.