Monday, June 25, 2012

A Couple of Smiles

This is about a painting I did which had an interesting story behind it.(We'll at least I found it interesting and worth sharing).

A Couple of Smiles

So I've been wanting to do a speed painting for ages (which is to say a week), and I ve also been wanting to take part in this contest on sketchoholic called 'Love'.So I decided I'd do a speed painting of two lovers.(like that took forever to figure out-duh!). The participants had to sketch a ' VERY cute couple'. Now I had in my mind the sort of 'cute' stuff I DIDN'T wanna do but I didn't know what exactly to do either. So I roamed about on google trying to find some sort of a 'couple' inspiration when I chanced upon this.

Frankly,I found the photograph really beautiful and I would've painted it anyway but finding out more about the people in the picture moved me.It was a picture taken from a tumblr blog called Loveisfate run by Quinn and Erica,a young lesbian couple.The blog is a daily stream of pictures and videos from their lives which they share in hopes of connecting with other lesbian couples out there,which I found really wonderful. Do check out their blog.

Now the photograph is really beautiful. In fact its funny how it makes you smile the more you look at their faces.So I decided to paint it.

Ah well I tried the best I can anyway.It wasn't much of a speed painting as I took well over two hours to do it,but then that's cos I had to figure out a few basic things myself. Its black n white cos well,I haven't graduated to colour yet.And its not really 'finished' either.(cos it was meant to be a speed painting right?).And yeah,I got snobbed at the sketchoholic contest too,but then who cares about it anyway. I think I'll return to this picture someday(once I attain Super Saiyan levels of painting skills) and make a better version of it.Gotta do more justice to it.

Special thanks to Amy Kim whose speed painting tips helped me a lot.Do check her painting blog as well.

Chal.Thats a big post.
Bye and have a good day.

"Follow your passion. Stay true to yourself. Never follow someone else's path unless you're in the woods and you're lost and you see a path. By all means, you should follow that."
Ellen DeGeneres, Tulane Commencement Speech, 2009


Nikhita said...

You've improved! It's a nice start. They look pretty similar! And I really liked their tmblr. Problem with tmblr is i can't follow it. :(

Looked at all of amy kim's work. It's really nice. I wish I could have th epatience to speedpaint one speedpainting a day! :-s

And I like the Ellen quote! :) Blog's turning out nice!

-Alok- said...

Hey thanks nix.Even am not familiar with tumblr but their blog is quite nice.Amy does one speed painting in 30 mins.So not that patience required.She is Goro's pupil.(green with jealousy). :) Of course,Ellen was just being Ellen.(that commencement speech is legendary).