Friday, June 15, 2012

The Puss in Peril

The other day I was walking by the third floor corridor toward the only working water  cooler in the building when I heard a really high pitched agonizingly painful MEOW !! Now there was only one creature I knew who could make a cat cry that bad (one which would make even the other cats go like,"Woah,dude!You've sound like horse  taking a dump with a mammoth  furball up his a-hole!"),and that was that nameless fat white cat that roamed about our insti all day,eating from dumpsters and knocking over paint bottles in the stationary store.Goes without saying,I didnt  have much regard for him,though I did find painting his white butt black with poster paint a rather amusing pass time activity.

So I heard the cries and,well, I was curious as to where the meowing was coming from cos he was nowhere around.And after a few good minutes of looking around I gave up on him and left for  the cooler.But spooky as it may sound the same thing happened the following day and the next.I was beginning to wonder if the cat was getting some kick out of this whole invisibility trick.I even joked to my friend that the bastard was dead and was haunting the third floor.And so I told myself.

Untill this morning.

I found out that he had been stuck on the terrace for the past couple of days.

Thats him after having scraped his way through the transluscent attrium roofing near the third floor corridor.

The idiot went all the way upto the terrace and managed to get himself locked up there. He'd been meowing for the past 2 or 3 days and am sure from the sound of it,he hadnt gotten anything to eat either.Shortly after finding him, Lakshmi (who'd also heard the idiot's cry) and I got the security guard to open up the terrace door and let him down.

Thats Lakshmi on the terrace trying to locate him through the gap in the roofing.

Apparently he was too scared to come down so Lux had to bribe him with milk and biscuits.


The bastard drank about a gallon of Arvind's milk.

Before dozing off next to Lux's laptop.

Later in the day,I came to know from Lakshmi that she herself had saved the cat from the very same fix only a few days back.Well,what can I say.Talk about blonde cats.

Here is something of a cat-meme i made to commemorate the event.



Nikhita said...

LOL Biiiinge!!! This is so funny!!! that cat is SO BLONDE MAN!!!!! LOL Stupid moron!!! This post is hilarious n it totally cracked me up!!!

Haha! Keep writing! you've got talent!! ;)

Alok N R said...

All it takes is a cat like that. ;)