Saturday, June 23, 2012

Walking Ahead

Here is a walk cycle I spent ages making.I am not fond of it in the least,but it sure taught me how not to do one.I can do much better than this.Posted it cos this is one of the first finished walk cycles I've made since this.Which was 2 years ago.Ashamed to admit it.

Narona's Walk Cycle from Alok N R on Vimeo.

Now am gonna swallow that fact and move on.Two years down,I wanna be proud that I decided to do something about my stagnation by making this and posting it here.


Nikhita said...

i love it! What's to be shameful about, we never did a progressive walk! proud of ya! :D

Alok N R said...

thanks.the shameful bit it is that it took me about a week to do it.;).Anyways,guess i needed some brushing up.:)