Sunday, August 26, 2012

Through The Looking Glass

Finally nailed the treatment for the BG plates. This was done using acrylic paint and then working it over digitally.The final look of the film would now just include the characters(whose colours have a different approach)  in front of these plates and some final AE  touch ups during compositing.

If all goes well there wont be any more changes to this look and now its just a matter of executing it in every scene.Hope all the scenes hold up with this treatment.Ah well too many uncertain things,too many things to hope and pray for and  so less time to execute all of it.

Just the way I like it ;).


Ravi Gupta said...

alok this image look really cool! nice painting.

-Alok- said...

thanks Ravi . There are more coming.and theyll give you a better idea of the feel am looking for. Hope you find them interesting as well.

Nikhita said...

This is amazing. I love the tradional look. If your whole film looks like this it'll be EPIC. Really love how the light plays here. Awesome work en! keep it coming!