Thursday, November 8, 2012

Playing Secret Santa

See what I gifted a friend this Christmas :) .

Last tuesday (6th November) we had the Secret Santa held in college. For those who are not familiar with the concept, here is what it is. All the people in college (faculty included) who signup for Secret Santa get their names written in chits and put into a giant lot. next they pick from the chits to find their 'snowflakes' whom they have to gift for Christmas. So they become the 'secret santa' for their snowflake (who is in turn a santa for another guy).

Here is what I did for my snowflake -

Thank you Krithika for being the non-complaining T shirt stand :)



I gifted my snowflake with a customized T-shirt (she had wished for an extra loose T). Got Mr.Calvin and Mr Hobbes to pitch a banner that read " You are Awesome".

And my santa gifted me a Ben 10 action figure ;). [ Pic coming soon :) ]

It was a fun evening.


L ROSSI said...

So you were one of the lucky winners to get a drawing! :P
Please send your postal address to OneDayLeFIlm@Gmail.Com and I'll get it out to you once everyone else has finally given their address too!!

-Alok- said...

Woah!Thanks a million!Its an honour n privilege :) Hope to see more wonderful works from you guys in the future :) !